Mt. St. Mary’s

Dear Mum & Dad,

I have just finished cooking dinner, and everything went off very smoothly, except I burnt the custard, & the vegetables were undercooked.

Apparently, there’s still a possibility of my band going to University next year. Certainly the band below me will be going. Fr. Hickey said that there is every possibility of purchasing the SMSM Convent at Aurora Terrace in Wellington to use as a “Seminary Extension”.

At the end of the year, a Renewal Course will be held for several months in Sydney. Fr. Roach, who teaches us history, will be in charge.

Yesterday I got the Sabbatine, & had to speak for ¼ of an hour on what I had learnt during the last week. It went O.K.

Last night I went with Fr. Weaver & Fr. Hannigan to a concert in Hastings. A French Chamber Orchestra were playing. It was very enjoyable.

Well, there’s not much news this week.

Love from

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