Mt. St. Mary’s
4th April ‘72.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Gosh! Time has just flown. I meant to write to wish you a happy Easter. Anyway, “Happy Easter!”

It only seems like yesterday since visiting day. I have planted the tree you brought me.

Bishop Sneddon came on the Thursday after visiting day and gave me tonsure, which is the rite of initiation to the clerical state. He cut off a little bit of my hair. The 5 of us to get it were probably among the last few ever to get it. The ceremony I suppose would be about 1,000 years old, & we were the last to get it! The Bishop rang Rome and asked if he could use the New Rite. However, Pope Paul hasn’t finally approved it yet., so we had the old ceremony.

On Easter Sunday morning, 8 students took their final vows (Alan Jones, Nisi ‘Ota’ota, Rory Morrissey, Michael O’Donnell, Kevin Head, Robert Cavanagh, Robert McGowan and Geoff Officer). Their parents and family came to the 9 o’clock Mass & Profession Ceremony. They stayed for dinner at ¼ to 1, & went about 5ish. It was a very enjoyable day. So next year, see if you can get everyone up – the brothers & sisters & in-laws anyway – at Easter, (nieces & Nephews would be too many!) because that will probably be my final profession.

Maureena Holland called in on Sunday for about an hour. She was in Napier during Easter. I showed her round, & she sends her regards. On the way down in the plane she happened to be sitting just in front of the lady on the Northland trip who kept taking the lollies round. (Mrs. Herbert I think her name was). Maureena has seen Stephanie (one of the girls on the trip) a number of times.

I got a very nice letter from Sonia the other day, so thank her for it. I will write to her later.

Today we had our last day of grape-picking. Thank goodness Easter and grape-picking are over. We can now start classes properly. Perhaps I’ll even get a bit more regular with my letter writing!

Kerry Maher is back in hospital with a swollen heart. About a month ago he was in hospital, and they took several pints of fluid off from round his heart. Apparently he is back there now and is quite ill.

Well, I must go now.

Love from

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