Tues. 29th Feb. ‘72.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Well, we are right into grape-picking again now. I’m working in the cellars again.

The Visiting Days this term are

Sunday March 19,
Sunday April 2,
Sunday May 21.

Some of them are very close together. This is because on March 19 there are ordinations to the Diaconate & it gives the parents of those being ordained a chance to come up, & on April 2nd there is final profession & it gives the parents a chance to get up. April 2nd is Easter Sunday.

I saw Leila last Sunday evening at the Rosary for Fr. Joseph Stewart who died at the Little Sisters on Saturday Morning. (He was in his late 80s). Lawrence McNeill got his School Cert. in 5 subjects so he’s very pleased.

Well, the bell’s just gone for more grape-picking, so had better go.

Love from

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