Mt. St. Mary’s,
Sat. 19th Feb. ‘72.

Dear Mum & Dad,

I’m very sorry I haven’t written for so long but time seems to fly these days. Camp at Waimarama has closed for the summer & we are all back at the House.

On Monday we start classes. This year my classes are Moral Theology with Fr. Scully, Dogmatic Theology with Fr. Weaver, Scripture with Fr. Hannigan, History with Fr. Roach – also Liturgy with Fr. Roach. I had asked if I could do English II extramurally at Massey this year, but after much discussion the Fathers thought not.

There are a lot of new faces on the Staff this year. Fr. Hickey has been replaced by Fr. Connolly as boss. Fr. Mannix has been replaced by Fr. Chris Duggan as Bursar. Fr. O’Meeghan has gone to teach Scripture at our Seminary in Australia, & Fr. Hannigan from Australia will be taking us. (This exchange is for 2 years). Fr. Bonisch (Philosophy) has been replaced by Fr. Frank Durning (former chaplain at Canterbury University). Fr. Durning says that he can remember a Goodman from Onga Onga somewhere, but only vaguely. Fr. G.H. Duggan (brother of Chris Duggan) is also on the Staff and will be taking us for Tutorials and Discussion Groups. Frs. Weaver, Scully, Roach and Haase remain on the staff.

The Aspirants arrived today. There are 13; none from Silverstream.

Aunty Flo arrived this morning. She had been up to see Barry & had travelled this way with another woman & a Mr. Webb (I think). I showed her round the Seminary. It was terrific seeing her.

The Cellars are now completed.

Well, had better post this now to stop you wondering what’s happened.

Love from

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