Mt. St. Mary’s,
Sun. 8th Aug. ’71.

Dear Mum & Dad,

I hope you had a happy birthday Dad.

I have just finished writing the August Vinculum. Unfortunately, not many of the Houses have reported in, so I may have to wait a few days before sending it into the typist in case some more letters arrive

Today the Hastings & Havelock Nth. C.W.L. visited us here. They used our study to have a meeting, & then stayed for afternoon tea & benediction. It is quite good seeing them visit us sometimes. Fr. Hickey is thinking of getting a female secretary in to do the office work. He is reported as having said that besides getting the work done, her presence might introduce a bit of tidiness into the place, & students won’t be wandering around with their fly-buttons undone as they do now!

I have completely recovered from the ‘flu’ now.

Did you see & hear Fr. Delaney’s song on “Studio One” on T.V. last Wednesday? It was called “Hey Boy”. It didn’t win.

Yesterday we went to Hastings to attend the funeral of Fr. Blasoni’s father. Fr. Blasoni teaches at Silverstream, but his family being Italian meant that the funeral was very dramatic.

Well I think that that’s all the news. Don’t forget to listen to the Broadcast Mass next Sunday if you can – 11 a.m., National Station. Actually, the organ seems to be getting flatter all the time (just in the last few weeks) & many of the notes are not even playing! If I can’t borrow the local parish organ (which I’m going to try to do!) then I’ll have to choose my notes well before I play them.

Love from

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