Mt. St. Mary’s,
Sun. Aug. 1st ’71.

Dear Mum & Dad,

“Happy Birthday!” for Wednesday Dad!

The big news from this part of the world is the new Seminary Rector. It was decided last Friday night & they told us this morning. It is Fr. Graham Connolly who is at present the Superior & Novice Master at Highden. He is only 36, has got a Roman Degree, and except for this year, has spent all his time giving Parish Missions. The only hitch is that he will not be able to take over the Seminary until this Novitiate is completed at the beginning of January. Fr. Hickey takes over the job of Provincial in mid-August at the Provincial Chapter, so the big question is, who will we be getting for the next 4 months? Another question is, who will be Novice Master next year?

There is a lot of dry coughing about. I have had a tickle in my chest for about a week – as have others - & there’s nothing to cough – very frustrating.

Some more news. I will be playing the organ for the Broadcast Mass at 11 a.m. on the National Programme on Sunday 15th August! If you have a look at the appropriate “Listener” when it comes out, you might see my name mentioned.

I suppose Tony is down at Dunedin for this National Party Convention. I got a letter from him when he was in Aussie.

Well, I must be off.

Have a good birthday Dad.

Love from

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