Dear Mum & Dad,

I got you letter tonight, & as a visitor is going into Napier early in the morning, I will get him to post this.

Since your letter got here so quick, the address works! So, when at Camp it’s –

Mission Students’ Camp,
10 Airini Rd.,
Via Havelock Nth.

The days that suit me best are Sun. 8th & Mon. 19th. I can get into the Mount (by certain devious means!) on Sat. 17th evening, & then returning to Camp on the following Wednesday doesn’t matter in the slightest.

I haven’t got any ideas on where we can go yet.

So I will see you then at 8 a.m. Sun. 18th July 1971.

Tell Rick that I was going to write for his birthday, but once I got out to camp the time went very fast.

It’s much easier writing home like this. Everyone thinks that my mother is dropping a subtle hint at me for not having written home for weeks.

Love from

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