Mission Students’ Camp,
10 Airini Rd.,
Via Havelock Nth.

Dear Mum & Dad,

This is just an SOS to ask what date you will be coming up. If you write to the Mount, any letter you send will arrive at Camp from the Mount on the Wednesday or Sunday evenings. The times I can get to the Mount are on Wednesday or Sunday mornings.

So – for example, if I get your letter on Wed. evening I can’t go into the Mount until the following Sunday morning.

Any time is suitable for me for visiting.

We finish Camp on Fri. 23rd (can also go out from the Mount on Sat. 24th & Sun 25th).

I was just thinking that if you sent a note to both the above address & to the Mount it might save confusion & get here quicker.

I won’t write again during Camp because it’s hard to find time. We are having perfect weather.

Love from Bruce

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