Mount St. Mary’s,
Mon. 21st June ’71.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Today the Deacons leave for Highden where they’ll do a week’s retreat before getting ordained. I don’t know if you know, but there are 5:-

Pat Devlin – St Mary of the Angels
Michael Fitzgerald – St Mary of the Angels
Arthur Toothill – Hastings
John Jolliffe – Christchurch
Bernard Carney – Ashburton

I was sorry to hear about Aunty Ethel.

Next Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday we have exams before going to Camp. Holidays go from Sun. 4th July to Sun 25th July. During that time we can have 2 days out plus 1 visiting day. At Camp I am the “Butcher”, which means I’ve got to cut up the carcasses.

Yes, Fr. Hickey has been elected Provincial. He’ll take over from Fr. Bourke in August when they have the Provincial Chapter at Futuna. I haven’t got a clue who the next Rector’s going to be – although some suggested Fr. Connolly, the new Novice Master at Highden. Which would leave the question, who then would be Novice Master?

For the last fortnight the weather has been cloudless. Although the mornings have been chilly – we haven’t had a decent frost yet – the days have been very hot for this time of the year. In fact, I notice some of the plum trees along the road are flowering. No doubt they’ll get a shock when it gets cold.

We had a Conge at Puketapu last Wednesday. It looked as if it was snowing over the Ruahines. In the same day the Deacons went to Waimarama for a few days with Fr. Hickey. They always go out to Waimarama for a few days before Ordination.

I went Corso collecting last Saturday. One man didn’t give anything, but I happened to admire his tree-tomato bush and he loaded me up with tree-tomatoes. Unfortunately, he didn’t put them in a bag & so I had to go from house to house asking for money with a big heap of tree tomatoes being held in front of me.

Well, that’s about all the news.

Love from Bruce

P.S. Rob Devlin goes home for Pat’s Ordination.

What’s Sue’s address? Is it still P.O. Box 56?

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