Mt. St. Mary’s,
2nd May ’71.

Dear Mum & Dad,

As you can see, I’ve got a new pad. Unfortunately there were no small one available, so I’ll have to think hard now to find enough news to fill a page.

The little pen holder with the owl sitting on the bark which you gave me looks terrific on my table. I’m becoming rather attached to it!

I have just returned from evening devotions at Meeanee Church. Some of us went down to Benediction because it is Vocations Sunday. I am certainly getting out a lot now. Last Wednesday was the Feast of St. Peter Chanel so we had the day off. I went with John Owens & Percy Kimble into Napier. Percy’s parents live in Napier, & Mrs. Kimble shouted us to the films.

Tagg Rugby has begun & I play centre, which is a step up from being out on the wing because the ball (inks run out) hardly every gets that far. I am quite enjoying it actually.

Last Monday we went into Napier to attend Fr. Dowling’s Month’s Mind.

At present I am assembling another “Vinculum” - so will be off now.

You asked how I got time to learn the words of the play. Every day for 3 weeks I spent from 12 o’clock till 10 past learning them. It’s fairly quick if you keep a regular time. Also I used to practise them out loud whenever I had a shower!

Love from

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