The Importance of Being Ernest

Mt. St. Mary’s,

Dear Mum & Dad,

I’ve run out of pad paper & it’s a bit far to go down the stairs & get a pad!

Enclosed is a programme of last night’s play; it went off very well.

Today I went with Hedley Aitken to visit one of his C.C.D. pupils. We went to the Laxon’s at Greenmeadows. Mr. Laxon has 7 race horses (2 of them raced yesterday, & he was training 2 more for Tuesday) so it was interesting watching.

Fr. Hickey has made a new rule that we have to get off the property at least once a week! So things are looking up. Also, we are permitted to spend only 2 afternoons a week on “outside” jobs. We thus are expected to “stop building our little private empires”, etc. etc. Note:- By “outside” jobs I simply mean outside work such as working on out sections!

Next Wednesday is the Feast of St. Peter Chanel so we will have a free day.

Tagg Rugby also begins on the same day & Fr. Hickey expects everyone to play at least twice a week.

Well, I must go now.

Love from

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