Mt. St. Mary’s,

Dear Mum & Dad,

I hope you don’t mind me practising my typing on you. I only started this week but am already reasonably fast enough to make it quicker than short hand. I use all of my fingers, but look at the keys. The advantage of learning how to type is that when I get good at it I will be able to cyclostyle all my letters! (Just like that lovely cyclostyled letter you received from Fr. Roy when I was home last!) The only trouble is that typing takes up less room than long-hand.

Murray Cox from my band left last Tuesday. He was a Silverstream Old Boy. He hadn’t gone 10 minutes than his bed was taken, as was his desk, his chair, his curtains, etc. So you’ve got to be quick around this place. In fact the letter paper I’m writing on now was left in his room! That leaves 5 (!) N.Z.ers in the band and 5 Tongans – 4 of whom are overseas. We have the reputation of being a widely travelled band, at least what’s left of it has that reputation.

Did Leo get any ducks?

Jim Brownlie, who’s been teaching at Wanganui for the last term, is due to return to the Mount any day to complete his studies.

Last night I went to a concert in Hastings with Fr. Weaver. The Zurich Chamber Orchestra was playing, and it was very enjoyable.

The Tagg rugby season has started in full swing. I might have told you that last week. Anyway, yesterday I managed to go for about a 70 yard sprint with the ball! I then passed it out so smoothly that everyone was quite agog. Of course the person I passed it to later dropped it, much to my relief, because I was terrified he would pass it back. Also because this was my first game of the season, all of the aspirants think I’m pretty good. I’m dreading the next game when their great image of me will be shattered.

It rained very hard at the beginning of the week causing quite a bit of flooding and erosion.

Well I’d better sign off now; a typed letter doesn’t look much.

Love from

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