The Importance of Being Ernest

Mt. St. Mary’s,

Dear Mum & Dad,

This is just a short note, because I’m not sure whether you are at home or not. But thanks very much for the visiting day & the day out. I really enjoyed it! In fact, I came back feeling so good that I just sat down & wrote the Scripture essay I’d been trying to write for the last month!

Next Saturday night we are putting on the play “The Importance of Being Ernest”. I am one of the lead roles.

It’s been raining fairly heavily since last Friday.

Well, I’ll be off now.

Love from

P.S. Have Francie & Leo heard the L.P. “Jesus Christ – Superstar”? We’ve borrowed a record of it (not the 45 but the long player) & it’s been played continuously for the last few days. You ought to hear it if you can – I think it’s terrific.

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