The Importance of Being Ernest

Mt. St. Mary’s,
Sun. 28th March ’71.

Dear Mum & Dad,

The time just seems to be flying! We finished Grapes last Tuesday – at last. It’s good to have it all over, even though it just means that we go back to classes!

What’s the story about the Waikanae Rock Festival & the Rotary Club? Everyone here awaits anxiously for news about the latest ‘scandal’ from the little town of Waikanae! Has Tony got anything to do with it?

I have started going for runs again.

Last Thursday – the Annunciation – we went on a Conge to Puketapu. We seem to be having our summer now because it has been a cloudless sky for over a week. So at the Conge we spent most of the day swimming.

I went to see Dr. O’Shaunnessey the other day & he says that every thing’s O.K.

Pompallier College was opened in Whangarei last Sunday by the Cardinal. Fr. Bennett is one of the three priests on the staff there. It was a very successful opening apparently.

I went down to Meeanee yesterday to gather walnuts. I saw Fr. Chaney who seems to be very well.

Well, that seems to be all the news.

Love from

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