Mt. St. Mary’s,

Dear Mum & Dad,

Every day of the week has been cloudless, which is just as well, because if it had rained our Sunken Garden would have turned into a swimming pool. Our Sunken Garden (in Inner Passchendaele) has made a tremendous difference (for better or for worse). We have almost finished it now.

Did Leo get a “Blue & White”? They came out the other day & a copy came up here for the students. If he hasn’t & wants one, I suppose he could get one from the school.

Our play “Running Riot” is to be put on next Saturday. It is dragging a lot at the moment.

Last Friday we had a Conge at Puketapu. The water was very cold but I still went for a swim.

Did I tell you that the Students here are having meetings?! We are preparing a letter to send to the General Chapter in Rome (In August – the 2nd Session). We’re just going to tell them what we think of prayer, etc. Apparently the N.Z.ers are 1/3 of the total number of Marist students in the world, so what we say counts a fair bit.

The leaves of the grapes are just beginning to change colour slightly. The mosquitoes are also beginning to appear in large numbers, so it seems that winter is well on the way.

On Thursday Night at Club, I’ve got to give a speech so I’ve got to learn that yet – with learning my words for the play, there’s quite a bit of learning to do.

Did you get many mushrooms this year? I suppose living in town means that mushrooms are a thing of the past. There were a few growing here on the hills, but not enough for a meal.

Well – I think that that’s all there is to tell.

Love from

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