Me in that bloody wig.

Mt. St. Mary’s,
Apr. Sun. 26th ‘70

Dear Mum & Dad,

Enclosed are some forms which I signed after being sent them. What are they for?

The play “Running Riot” went well last night. I was wearing a blonde wig which the lady down the road lent us. There’s a programme enclosed.

Again we have had another cloudless week. We need 2 more fine days to make it the largest spell of fine weather for the last 3 years. Today the temperature went up to 80 ½ ° - which isn’t bad for mid-April.

Apparently Kevin Eastwick has now a month to live. He has cancer but can’t have visitors because it has affected his face. He hasn’t gone into the Christchurch Hospital yet, but is still at home. His father died 2 days ago – also of cancer.

This Tuesday we have a Free Day because it is the Feast of St. Peter Chanel. (He was one of the first 20 Marists).

The Brothers have started pruning some of the grapevines now.

I haven’t seen Margaret Cullen yet, but I might find time later.

We are just going to plant ordinary flowers in our sunken garden. It gets quite a bit of sun, & on the shady bank Tony O’Connor want to plant some ferns. There are 3 fairly large shrubs there already, so there’s really very little room for hydrangeas or fuchsias, etc.

Last night with my wig on, everyone remarked that I looked like Princess Anne! However that’s not very complimentary round here, because during the Royal Tour, everyone remarked how she grinned like a horse!

Well, I can’t think of any more news.

Love from

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