Mt. St. Mary’s,

Dear Mum & Dad,

All this week the weather has been very fine.

I suppose you know that Jill Foster is engaged to a Peter Gerrie?

Yesterday James Northcote-Bade called in to see me. He is much the same. This year he is doing 2 Stage 3 Units in German.

(I think that this paper must have soap on it or something because it slips everywhere.)

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Do you remember Kevin Eastwick? He was in our band as Aspirants and left just before we went to Novitiate. Well we heard yesterday that he has got cancer and has been given a week to live. His father is also dying.

The play “Running Riot” is coming along quite well. We had a practice this afternoon.

Next Friday we have got a Conge.

Our Sunken Garden is coming on quite well – we have almost finished digging now!

Well, I can’t think of any more news this week.

Love from

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