Toasting the harvest
Michael Wooller, Tony O'Connor, John Walls

Mt. St. Mary’s,
Sun. 31st March ‘70

Dear Mum & Dad,

At last it has started raining and things are greening up a bit. Unfortunately, the weather broke last Wednesday – the day we had our Conge, but it didn’t last for long (the rain that is).

We finished grape-picking last Thursday with about 2 hrs.picking. It is good to get it over because we can really settle down studying without being interrupted by days of picking.

Last Friday I received a list of those doing Extra-mural Courses at Massey. Besides the five (4 students & 1 priest) doing it from the Seminary, other names includes:-

Eng. 1: Worsnop, F.J. ‘Brookvale’, Tauranga. Would that be Bert’s brother? Also:- Eng. 1 Trask, Miss K.M. Presentation Novitiate, Takapau; History 1. Johns M.A. Waikanae.

So it is quite surprising to learn who is doing what. I notice a Cistercian from Kopua is doing two units: History II & French, so they are extending their field of activity.

Fr. Mannix has just this minute asked me if I would like to go on an English Course at Massey in May (from 13th to 17th). We would board at a special hostel for a week. (What date is the wedding? – I was wondering if it coincided; not that I know if I can go).

I received a letter from John Kavanagh last week – also a letter from another boy down there. The more I read them the more I am pleased that I came here. In the letters (no doubt a little exaggerated) they say that they have four very boring teachers (the most interesting is 84 yrs. old), and that no work is done what so ever. Also, that the Rector is forever snooping around classrooms looking for people doing things wrong. His favourite expression is “You are all irresponsible, infantile and immature.” Here everyone is expected to work – just part of the tradition! Also, down at Riccarton the Philosophers train and then go to Mosgiel to study Theology. The older students are separated form the younger – therefore the only mature influence they get are from the 84 year old teachers and the harping Rector. Here everyone is mixed. Also, down there, not being a Community like this place, they are all in gangs – like school. Here, everyone mixes with everyone – no matter who he is. So, I hope this page of arguments turns you pro-Marist (if you weren’t before!)

I see where Vincent Alisae is hitting the newspaper headlines everywhere – Sports Post, Dominion, Sunday Times – with his sport.

I prepared tea the other day with another student but it was a cold meal (!) so it wasn’t much trouble. We were supposed to cook corn but it wasn’t done in time so we had it the next day.

Well, I think that that is all.

Love from

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