Mt. St. Mary’s,

Dear Mum & Dad,

This week it has been raining! At one stage we got over 5” in 24 hours. The rain stopped on Saturday for the Queen’s Visit – in fact the sky was cloudless. Then in the evening we had another cloud-burst & thunderstorm, but it cleared up again by 9.30 p.m. It was fine today.

We had grape-picking last Tuesday, & were supposed to have it again (the last day of picking) on Friday but it rained. So we will be picking tomorrow (Monday).

I served Palm Sunday Mass this morning.

Yesterday 15 of us biked into Napier to see the Queen & Duke. (Charles & Anne were up at Gisborne). Most of us managed to get within a yard of them. The Queen came first. We were standing at the Northern entrance to the skating rink. She just walked past smiling. There were no policemen or railing between us & she was so close that I could have reached out & patted her on the shoulder! (Isn’t she frail & small? She looks as if she’s going to crumble up any minute. No doubt Leila would tell her she could do with a good paddock!) The Duke walked past us close as the Queen. He reminds me of Uncle Bert except I thought his teeth needed cleaning. (He was wearing a PINK shirt, blue tie & brown suit).

Well, I’d better go now. Will see you on Sunday. Are there any boxes of shells at home? or did you throw them out? It doesn’t matter if you did, but if you still have them… there was a chocolate box of shells (the box had a vase of flowers on the front). Would you be able to bring it up if you get this letter before you leave? It doesn’t really matter, because they are not all that important.

Well, see you Sunday.

Love from

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