Grape-picking in full swing
Tim Howard, Alan Jones, John Walls.

Mt. St. Mary’s,
Sun. 15th March 70

Dear Mum & Dad,

It was good to see you, Dad, & Tony on Friday. I’m sorry I had to rush away like that!

I hope you enjoyed your day at the Races with the Queen!

It has suddenly turned cold here at the moment & everyone is wearing winter clothes. (In answer to your question next week – yes, I AM warm enough!!) It hasn’t brought any rain with it yet, but everything is reasonably green as it is.

Tuesday will probably be our last day of grape-picking. There are classes tomorrow. Thursday is the Feast of St. Joseph so we have the day off. After that we’ll be able to settle down to a good year’s work.

Last Tuesday we went into Napier to hear Lili Kraus play the piano. She was very good – but played only Schubert & Beethoven.

I was sorry to hear that Bun Cook had died. He was at home just before I left.

Today I set my Shell Collection in order. It has taken up 5 drawers, but I still have plenty of room for my clothes if I keep the “out-of-season” wear in my suitcase.

Today the Theologians played the Philosophers in cricket. The Philosophers batted 1st & were all out for 110. The Theologians were 8 out for 109 when the time of play came to an end. Which means that the game ended in a draw & the Philosophers are very high spirited at the moment.

I mentioned to Michael Bazalo that you knew Mrs. Stevenson, Dad. He said that she had been a very close friend of the family for a long time.

I played Benediction last Thursday evening using the foot pedals on the Organ. I think it went off alright. My next Organ Event is the Evening Mass on Holy Thursday. The Apostolic Delegate (Archbishop Ettledorf) will probably be staying here at that time, but I don’t know whether he’ll be celebrating Mass or not.

Well, I’d better go and prepare tomorrow’s Philosophy Class! (I thought it high time I made some show of originality in finishing off my letters!)

Love from

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