Mt. St. Mary’s,

Dear Mum & Dad,

I wished Francie a “Happy Birthday” when she was up here last Sunday, but please pass it on again!

Last Monday we had a Conge at Puketapu. Nothing much happened. It was very fine weather but the river water was very cold.

On Wednesday we had grape-picking. This year I am working in the cellars – mainly crushing the grapes in a Grape-Crushing Machine & then pumping all the grape juice into big vats. I like it much better than picking the grapes because you are busy doing something all the time; & don’t have enough time to eat too many grapes (which can be fatal!) The first day of grape-picking properly, starts tomorrow. We have classes on Tuesday, & then more grapes on Wednesday.

Today I biked to Westshore with Bros. Aitken & Rob. Devlin. The water was very, very warm. We saw 3 Fathers from St. John’s, Hastings, so we talked with them all afternoon.

We had the 1st reading last night of this term’s play, “Running Riot”. The jargon we use in regard to the club putting on the production is “Glee Club” – so if I ever start talking about a “Glee Club Production” you’ll know what I’m talking about. I am Nicolette – a teenager from mid-Europe – and in a way the heroine because I get the man in the end!!

Thanks very much for the gum tree plant & the cuttings. Actually, there’s not much room for trees in my section because there are quite a lot there already, but there are good places for the gum tree & the Tortured Willow cuttings.

Tomorrow morning we begin having the New Normative Mass. The trouble is that for the next 2 or 3 weeks we will have to have it in Latin because the new Eng. Translation is not out yet. Do you know much about it? The Consecration & Canon are the same of course. But it goes something like this:

Introit – as priest enters.
Pause for examination of conscience, then Confiteor.
Then Old Testament Reading.
Then New Testament Epistle Reading.
Then Gospel reading.
Then OFFERTORY – which is:-
Two prayers by priest, & then
Two acclamations by people.
Then Preface & Canon & Consecration the same.
Then Our Father with the Protestant Tag on the end – “For thine is the Kingdom, etc.”
Then 3 Lamb of Gods.
One “Lord I am not worthy.”
Then Communion Versicle, Kiss of Peace & Communion.
The End.

It’s pretty short!!! – everyone either sits or stands, except for a very short kneel at the consecration.

I got a fright when I saw Leo, because I saw him from the back first & I thought it was Ricky! But he wasn’t in Rick’s car so I thought it was a different person! (Well, I think that th…)

The other day I went to Hastings in the van to an orchard where we picked about 20 cases of apples off the ground – from the windfalls.

I think that’s about all the news.

Love from

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