Mt. St. Marys,
Sun. 9th Nov. ‘70

Dear Mum & Dad,

This letter will have to be short because it’s only a few minutes before breakfast & the mail leaves then.

Well, the new Rector has been announced! He is Fr. Des Hickey – PP. of St. Mary’s, Christchurch. Fr. Mannix will be staying on as Procurator & Vice-Superior next year. (Br. Sylvester will be the Procurator at Pompallier College, Whangarei, which opens next year).

The young Fathers – Frs. O’Connell, Wooller. MacManus, Benton & Tapp – leave today. They will do a Pastoral Course until Xmas down at Chch. (Under Fr. Hickey).

Br. Pat Devlin has been elected as Monitor (sort of a Head Prefect/Head Student) for the next year.

The turkeys have hatched. 4 out of about 30 eggs – which is not bad considering there are as many people knowing how to hatch turkeys as there are people here*. Anyway, I have got them under a lamp (the chickens).

Well – the bell’s just gone. Conge on Thursday.

Love from

*The turkeys also ate about ½ of them (eggs)

P.S. Planted Asters, Zinnias & Marigolds in my garden. Also a couple of Larkspurs. The slugs have eaten some of them.

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