Sue & France visit

Mt. St. Marys,
Sun. 1st Nov. ‘70

Dear Mum & Dad,

“Happy Birthday” for next Saturday Mum!! I will remember you at Mass, etc.

I hope the “Bird Book” arrived home in safe condition. I’m not very good at packing parcels. I also hope that it doesn’t go floating all round the Nth. Island like one of my letters, before it gets to you.

We had a Latin exam last Thursday. On this Wednesday we have a Sociology exam, & next Saturday we have a History Exam. Revision starts in full swing tomorrow morning. We will be going out to Camp some time near the beginning of December, after working a week on the farm – cutting thistles, etc.

I think I gave you the dates of my holiday home:-

21st Dec. – 12th Jan.

If you had any plans to go away anywhere during that time for more than a week or so, I have to get permission off the Provincial soon.

Today, at long last, we finished the Sunken Garden. We actually planted plants in it. Before that, we had to make decent soil out of the clay floor. We used sawdust, turkey manure, sand, & some good soil, so I hope things grow in it.

The weather is becoming very hot. We got our first decent shower of rain today for a long time.

Well, I think that that’s all the news.

Love from

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