Hanging around the community room (Maloka) at Camp.

29th June ‘70

Dear Mum & Dad,

The mail will be leaving soon so I had better get this posted.

Coming through on the Friday or Saturday you mentioned are good times. Either of them suit me, so if you could quickly let me know so that I can organize transport into the Mount. (Also let the cooks know, etc.) The mail service is slow both ways here, so it’s good to get organized in advance! In regard to going out on Sunday – I think I would have to go to Mass at the Mount (before breakfast).

We came out to Camp on the Friday (my biro’s playing up). I came out early in the truck to help set up. We had very good weather the first day. It has been raining since.

Tomorrow I am going on a Conge to Kairakai where Shernings live. I am going as an “official” visitor for the Community with 2 others – which means that we have permission from the Father in charge to call in & see the Shernings. (Normally we just call in without permission).

Yesterday I went up to Peach Gulley where there are a number of limestone caves on the side of a cliff. We took candles with us. In all of them are the names of students for the last 40 odd years. Peach Gulley is about 2 miles from Camp. Its real name is Peacock Valley because it has quite a number of wild peacocks in it. We didn’t see any yesterday, although we heard them. They normally roost on a big rock at the end of the valley.

I saw Nola yesterday.

This morning, some of us went for a swim. I stayed in for about 45 seconds. The others stayed in for about 5 minutes.

This Camp I’m Pitman. All that means is that I have the honour of burying the scraps.

Well, I can’t think of any more news.

Love from

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