Mt. St. Mary’s,
Sun. 21st June ‘70

Dear Mum & Dad,

It is very fine and “hot” today. We thought that there would be a frost last night it was that cold, but it was reasonably warm when we got up.

Yesterday morning we went Corso collecting. In the afternoon we went to watch H.B. play N.S.W. at Napier.

Last Thursday we had Scripture exam. Tomorrow we have our written Philosophy exam, and on Wednesday our oral Philosophy exam (which lasts for 10 minutes). Then next Sunday we go to Camp.

I played the Organ at Mass this morning.

I can’t really think of much news. All I can think of is going to learn my Philosophy!

Wednesday. Sorry I never got this posted. At the moment I am sitting down waiting to go up for my Oral Exam in ½ an hour! (I’m scared as anything).

Well, I’ve had my Oral! I had to talk about Speculativo-Practical & Practico-Practical Science, & the 3 Degrees of Abstraction - & if you don’t know what that is, I didn’t either! (However, I got by alright).

We might be going out to Camp two days earlier – on Friday 26th instead of the Sunday (28th). This is because we might come back from Camp a day earlier to tidy up, because for the first 3 days of next term, Fr. Stanley (a Scripture expert from Canada) will be having a Seminar here. There will be priests from all over the Nth. Island staying here, so we’ll have to tidy up after camp.

Enclosed is a photo of our play “Running Riot”. When this photo was taken I had just finished saying to Al. Jones, “O Basil, I think you’re gorgeous!” It wasn’t in the script but it brought the house down (well not quite).

Well, I’d better go, or I’ll never get it posted.

Love from

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