The Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Etteldorf, with some staff
Frs Weaver, Haase, Arbuckle, O'Meeghan

Mt. St. Mary’s,
10th May ‘70

Dear Mum & Dad,

I think winter has set in good & proper now. It feels like it’s snowing up at the Ruahines. Fortunately the concrete block in which I’m sleeping has hot water pipes thru’ all the rooms.

The grass has struck on our new lawn in Inner Passchendaele Section in spite of the cold. (It’s very sheltered in there actually). The “sunken garden” is fairly muddy at the moment – not because it’s not well drained – but because we’ve been walking all over it in our boots, & that’s made a lot of mud.

I suppose the May holidays don’t have much affect on you this year because Leo stays at home now. (Sorry! I forgot about the grandchildren!)

Tonight some boys from St. Bede’s are coming to tea, & then they are going out to Waimarama for a week at our Camp. It’s raining & cold at the moment so no doubt they’ll have a very enjoyable week.

Next Sunday (Pentecost) we are having a Broadcast Mass (National Programme 11 a.m.) so if you want to listen in you can. The Introit, etc. are in 3 parts (I’m in altos), & the Kyrie, etc. are just in one part.

Today week 9 students are going down for a week at Massey University – including the Singing Master, Br. Pat Devlin, who’ll be away for the Broadcast Mass.

No one’s gone down with the ‘flu yet, so my job as Assistant Infirmarian hasn’t been keeping me very busy as yet.

Well, I can’t think of any more news.

Will anyone be coming up for visiting next Sunday afternoon? Don’t worry if no one can get up – I can always give Leila a ring – she’d be over like a shot!

Love from

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