Sun. 12th Oct. ’69.

Dear Mum & Dad,

I suppose you will be moving into your new home this week.

It has been very cold here recently – frost the last 2 mornings.

Please wish Tony & Stanley a “Happy Birthday!”

Does Tony still want the information about the cattle?

I was thinking about Visiting Day on 27th Oct. If Mrs. B. Smith was going to come, it would be no good, because those who haven’t got visitors will be on a Conge! Anyway, I thought I’d mention it.

Fr. Joyce S.M. is staying here at the moment, because Fr. O’Connor is going for a holiday next week. He is going to take us for class & show us slides on the history of the Society. He is Bishop Joyce’s brother – of Christchurch.

Yesterday 3 of us went into Feilding & delivered wood for the Vincent de Paul Society.

I was wondering what had happened to the Deposit & Development Co. Ltd. Or rather how I stood with it. Because I was thinking… If so much money has to be paid into it every month well it would be a bit tricky after this year. I had thought 2 years ago that I would be able to keep it, but after Profession on Jan. 4th we are not allowed to have such things. What we are allowed with Poverty is this:- The things we use belong to the Society, e.g. my watch. The things we don’t use but which we owned before (e.g. if I owned a car), I would be allowed to continue owning it but couldn’t use it. I would be allowed to keep the “radical dominion” of it. That means that I could pass it on in my will, etc.

Also, you are not allowed to have any regular source of income, or to be toed up with any financial business, your own or others. So, I don’t exactly know what the story is with the “Fidelity Co” now, but that is how poverty works! So I was wondering if you could judge as to what should be done.

Well, I can’t think of anymore news. Robert Devlin & I had two ducklings but they died in these surprise frosts we had.

Love from

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