The fish pond.
Rob Devlin & me

Mt. St. Mary’s,
Sun. 10th Nov. ’68.

Dear Francie,

I don’t suppose Mum & Dad are home this week. They called in to see me last Sunday. I was very pleased to see you, Jane & Carmen when you called. I had to tell everyone afterwards that they were relations, not girlfriends! I wrote to Tony and told him about the wine.

We are in the middle of exams here at the moment. We have had two, and have another three to come within the next three weeks. After the exams are over we have a 1 week retreat and then go to the beach at Waimarama for a month. After that we go down to “Highden” at Palmerston for a year.

Today I went for a bike ride with two other students to a beach near Napier. I didn’t go for a swim, although it is very hot. We have had only one cloudy rainy day in about the last two weeks. I have been for about 10 swims in the baths so far.

My garden has a goldfish pond, but it never had any fish. However, yesterday I went down and found five goldfish in it, but I don’t know where they came from. No one will tell me who put them there, but I’m still glad to have them!

I hope the hairdressing is going well. The six young priests ordained this year went down to Christchurch on Wednesday to do some parish work. I told them that of the bus broke down at Waikanae to go call into your shop and have a cup of tea! However, I don’t suppose the bus broke down.

Well, I think that that’s all the news.

Love from

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