Cousin Leila McNeill

“The Mount”
28th Oct. ’68.

Dear Mum & Dad,

I asked Fr. Mannix about your visiting me next Sunday while you are staying with Leila. I think it will be alright as long as it is not turned into a Visiting Day. Anyway, he asks if you would give him a ring before you come (from Hastings would be alright) – Even on the Sunday morning, but Saturday would be the best time to ring if you are in the Bay. (Fr. Mannix likes the visitors to ring, that’s why I’m writing!)

I suppose Francie told you about her visit. I was pleased to see Jane. She said Bear was doing very well, & passed the Entrance Exam very easily. If Francie forgets the name of that ‘shrub’ it is a flowering cherry. They are springing up all over the lawn & that is one that we dug out. Someone said you will have to keep watering it till it takes, because it is the wrong time of the year, but I suppose you know. I don’t even know if you want it, but it is free!

The second & final English exam is on Wed. 30th from 2.30 p.m. – 5.30 p.m. I am not as well prepared for it as I was for the first which went fairly well I thought.

I wrote to Helen & Rick yesterday. I wasn’t going to write home this week but I thought I would remind you about ringing just in case.

We (Kerry Maher & myself) have a pet duckling (wild). We hatched him, & he is about a week old now & is very healthy. We call him “Bertie” but I didn’t tell Jane that.

Well, I had better go and do some English.

Love from

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