Barry Malone, Kerry Maher, Denis O'Brien, Tony O'Connor

Mt. St. Marys,
Sun. 13th Oct. ’68.

Dear Mum & Dad,

The first English exam is on Tuesday week, and I am not half ready for it yet.

Thanks for the newspaper clippings and “The Merry Widow” programme. Someone saw me looking at the picture of Francie in “Les Grisettes” & inquired, “What are you doing looking at that picture?” When I replied with “It’s my sister!” the poor person didn’t know what to think! However, he recovered when I explained that it was from “The Merry Widow”.

We had a Conge last Thursday at Puketapu – where we nearly always have it.

Next visiting day is on Sunday 27th – after lunch (about 1 o’clock).

I don’t know whether I told you before, but for about the last 5 or 6 weeks we have had 3 alternative canons (4 altogether) in the Mass. The trouble is that they are still in Latin, & no official translation has yet come out. Two of them are very short.

Yesterday I biked into Napier with Fr. Gordon and Hedley Aitken to see the Rodin collection of sculptures. He was the one they had the fuss over recently in New Plymouth, as to whether they should show it to the public. Anyway, it was very good, & I don’t think it is likely to come back to N.Z. for at least another 17 years. It is worth over a million U.S. dollars. The sculptures are of bronze.

Well, I can’t think of anymore news. I had better go and learn some English.

Love from

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