My Fair Lady

Mt. St. Marys,
Sun 6th Oct. ’68.

Dear Mum & Dad,

I wrote to Leila today. We had another funeral last Wednesday. Fr. Minto’s (Rector of St. Pat’s Town) father dies & had his funeral at Napier.

It is just under 2 ½ weeks before the first English exam.

“My Fair Lady” was tremendous, and the pianist managed all right. I was glad to hear that “The Merry Widow” went so well. It seems that the Goodmans are destined to become famous – what with Rick living it up on stage, & Francie tripping the “light fantastic”! “My Fair Lady” ran without a mistake. It is a pity that all those weeks of rehearsal were just for the one performance. However, it is good to be finished with it.

The weather changes very quickly here. Yesterday it was about 75°; today it is about 52°.

On Thursday afternoon about 6 of us went down to Mr. Millar’s, a gardener down the road, and dug up rows and rows of polyanthas. We brought them back & put them in one big patch so that they can be watered easily over summer. They will be transplanted out after summer. Unfortunately they are nearly all reds and yellows, but they’re good never-the-less. We dug up the whole paddock of them.

Yesterday Paul Montgomery showed me what to do with the roses at this time of the year. We pruned them about a month ago, and now that they are shooting we cut off all the shoot we didn’t want, particularly those growing in towards the centre of the plant. We will spray them this week because they are being eaten by night beetles. All the cuttings of wild roses that I planted are growing. We will bud them about the beginning of November with good roses. We are also doing some for “home” but it depends on how many take.

Well, I think that that is all the news.

Love from

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