Mt. St. Marys,
Sun. 16th June ’68.

Dear Mum & Dad,

We are right in the middle of exams at the moment. Last Monday we had “Biblical Antiquities” Exam, and last Saturday we had Experimental Psychology. Next Thursday we have Scripture exam, but the Friday after we have a Conge so that will be a welcomed break. Tomorrow week we will have a Philosophy exam, & on Tuesday, Wednesday week we have Orals. Orals are like the Saturday Sab. Except you only talk for ten minutes and can get asked to speak on anything in the whole syllabus. After that we have the holidays!

Four Deacons have gone to ‘Highden” to make a retreat before getting ordained. The other 3 will go later. Did you get an invitation from Pat Beasley to his Ordination. He said he was going to write. It is the custom to invite parents of local students. All the Deacons return here for 6 months after Ordination to complete their course. Pat Beasley is going straight to Rome though to get a Ph.D.

Last Friday night we went into Napier to hear a man from the C.I.B. in Wellington speak on drugs. It was very interesting. He had all the drugs there for us to touch, and smell, etc. so that we could identify any if we saw them floating around! And also to satisfy our own curiosity.

About six students bike into Napier every Wednesday to do what ever you want to do for the afternoon. I went in last Wednesday, & just biked around & had a look at everything. (Shop windows & people seem to look quite funny if you don’t see them for a while). (I mean different people).

We parked our old rickety bikes in a bike stand next to a smooth, bright red, motor bike. Later we came back & some people were admiring the motor bike. Kerry Maher, who was wearing a wind breaker jacket, walked up to it, did up his jacket zip, put on his leather gloves, then walked over to his rickety bike & rode off. You should have seen the onlookers’ faces! Arthur Toothill got knocked out in Tagg Rugby on Friday and is still in bed, but is all right now.

It was absolutely freezing until last Wednesday when it started to rain & is now quite warm. The heater in our study was out of order because the chimney was filled with birds’ nests.

Well I think that that is all the news.

Love from

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