1214. Bernice had twins
© Bruce Goodman 5 January 2018

Bernice had twins. She didn’t have a clue who the father was. What’s more she didn’t care. She was simply happy to have the twins and to spend all day look after them.

Once a dog – it looked pretty wild – approached, but Bernice shooed it off. It’s amazing how motherhood makes one protective. Normally she’d be terrified of a wild-looking dog.

Trying to feed twins was a hassle. Apparently it’s time-consuming enough with just one. Not ever having had just one, Bernice wouldn’t know. Two was exhausting, and yet she wouldn’t swop her role for all the world.

Bernice knew how quickly babies grow up. Soon the calves would be taken away and she’d be put out to the bull to start the process over again.

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