964. Ratatouille
© Bruce Goodman 31 May 2016

It was while weeding around his eggplants that Garnet received a vision from the Lord.

“Pick some eggplants and other stuff and make some ratatouille. While you are going through the process you will chop off a finger.”

The message was announced in a great deep voice and accompanied by swirling light.

Ever obedient to omnipotent requests Garnet picked some eggplants and other stuff and took them into the kitchen. He began to chop things up. He continued to chop things up. He finished chopping things up and began to cook the ratatouille. He had been extra careful with the very, very, VERY sharp knife.

“What a load of rubbish,” thought Garnet, as he plunged his hands into the sink's hot soapy water to do the dishes.

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