963. House sitting
© Bruce Goodman 30 May 2016

“Thanks so much for looking after our house for six weeks while we toured Europe. Were there any expenses?”

It was our pleasure. We enjoyed it very much. The only expense incurred was the cat. We didn’t mind the cost of the daily food. It was a pleasure to have the cat about. But it scratched the legs of your chairs I’m afraid. We would’ve got them fixed, but we presumed some of the scratches were old.

Of course we didn’t know its name, but we called it Summer Shandy – because it was all sunshine and bubbled like a mixture of beer and lemonade! We fell in love with it!!

The expense was when it took ill and we had to take it to the vet. It cost over $300 I’m afraid. And then comes the wretched bit: sad to say we had to have it put down. So all in all, it will cost you nearly $400.

“But we didn’t have a cat.”

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