885. Frederick Ball's calling
© Bruce Goodman 13 March 2016

Frederick Ball felt a calling to the ministry. His family had always been practicing Anglicans, and how delighted they were when Frederick announced he was off to the Theological College to commence training towards ordination.

And ordained he was! His bishop was more than thrilled when he was appointed to a rather prestigious inner-city parish. And then the Reverend Ball got married; to one of the loveliest of ladies of the parish. She was the daughter of the local sexton, but a very educated and erudite fellow nonetheless.

The Reverend and Mrs Ball had three children over time, named Augustine, Aidan, and Norwich, and then… and then…

Rumour was whispered among the parishioners. The Reverend Frederick Ball was to be promoted. People wouldn’t be at all surprised if he wasn’t to be consecrated as a Lord Bishop. But he wasn’t…

He became Canon Ball.

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