824. Catty
© Bruce Goodman 12 January 2016

How difficult it is to hide anything from Aunt Emelia. When she asked Adelaide to house-mind she said, “Definitely no cats.”

Aunt Emelia was going overseas for her annual break. She would be away for six weeks. Six weeks without a cat! Goodness! There was no way Aunt Emelia would know if Adelaide brought her cat along.

Bring the cat she did. The scratching on the back of the sofa was a little hard to hide. The cat fur worked its way deep into the carpet. The stench of cat pee was unable to be disguised. The light-coloured kitchen wall next to the cat bowl was stained by flying cat food.

After six weeks, Aunt Emelia returned.

Adelaide wasn’t paid.

Adelaide was sent a bill for damages.

Adelaide was written out of the will.

How catty is that?

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