823. The horrible troll
© Bruce Goodman 11 January 2016

Once there was a horrible troll who lived underground in an old mine. He was really ugly, with warts on his nose; just like the witch who lived next door to him. She had warts on her nose as well.

You should have seen the troll’s teeth. They were sharp as a razor. He could bite the head off a person as quick as anything. And his incisors were so sharp that they reckon he could turn into a werewolf and suck blood like a vampire.

Every night the troll would go out and capture a little girl and have her for his dinner. No one ever saw him, but they think he hides under little girls’ beds and comes out at night when they’re fast asleep.

So, Sweetie, that’s the end of tonight’s story. I shall turn out the light. Try and get some sleep.

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