821. Karaoke night
© Bruce Goodman 9 January 2016

Lottie loved karaoke night. The local club organised one night a month as a fund-raising venture. Lottie’s contribution was by far the most popular. In fact, even those dyed-in-the-wool smokers put aside their puffing in the outside porch to step inside and listen.

Blue Suede Shoes was Lottie’s tour de force. Made most famous by Elvis of course. Lottie would swing her hips as she sang, as if she was The King herself.

Well, it's one for the money
Two for the show
Three to get ready
Now go, cat, go
But don't you
Step on my blue suede shoes
You can do anything
But stay off of my blue suede shoes.

How the audience would cheer! More ! More! And Lottie would break into Wooden Heart:

Please don't break my heart in two
That's not hard to do
Cause I don't have a wooden heart.

You should make a recording, people would say. And to be honest, Lottie had thought about it… More ! More!

Lottie’s contribution was popular because she was so bad at it. She couldn’t sing. She couldn’t dance. It was hilarious. People were in stitches. She got away with it because she was a born comedian. Her performances were perfection. And boy, did it rake in the money!

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