820. Bluebeard
© Bruce Goodman 8 January 2016

When Bluebeard married for the last time, he gave his bride a set of keys and then he left the castle on some important mission.

“In my absence use the keys to go into any and every room of the castle,” said Bluebeard. “Enjoy every treasure the castle has to offer. But do not use the key that opens the lowest cellar door.”

Of course, Bluebeard’s wife couldn’t resist. She used the forbidden key. She entered the forbidden room. There was nothing there. It was empty.

Bluebeard suddenly appeared.

“Thank goodness!” he said. “I’m so glad you’re not a goody-two-shoes, but can think for yourself.”

Bluebeard and Blossom, for that was her name, lived happily for many, many years. In fact, one could almost say that Blossom wore the trousers. For starters, she made her husband shave off his cobalt beard.

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