847. Family from China
© Bruce Goodman 4 February 2016

When the church parish sponsored a new immigrant family about once a year, Nancy Delaney often came to the rescue. She would have the family stay a few weeks while they adjusted to their new country and culture.

This year, it was a family from China. Actually, it was a mother and son from China. The son was twelve years old. The mother was a qualified doctor.

Nancy welcomed them into her home. They spoke halting English. And what could be more welcoming, more culturally sensitive, than to get “Chinese” for the first evening meal? Nancy purchased several different dishes, with lots of rice.

The visiting mother and son did their best to eat it. They could merely nibble and try not to look disgusted.

Over the next few weeks, the doctor taught Nancy how to cook proper Chinese, and Nancy taught her how to cook European. What a revelation for both! What a great friendship forged! The learning process is never one way.

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