846. Little Bo Peep
© Bruce Goodman 3 February 2016

When Gloria and Klaus has their first, and as it turned out their only, baby – a girl – she was the cutest new-born on earth. She was so cute in fact that they called her Little Bo Peep.

“Oh what a cute baby!” people would say. “What is she called?”

“Little Bo Peep!”

“What a perfect name for someone so cute!”

By the age of five, Little Bo Peep had grown ringlets in her hair. She was even cuter.

At high school, Little Bo Peep dropped the “Little”. It was too babyish.

In her early twenties, Bo Peep began to spell her name B-E-A-U Peep. Then later she changed the spelling of Peep to P-E-P-Y-S. Quite frankly, she’s grown out of her cuteness.

These days, Beau Pepys is head of a gigantic international corporation. There’s the occasional snigger, but it’s always followed by a head roll.

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