906. The little bird
© Bruce Goodman 3 April 2016

Beatrice’s little black cat was a great hunter. Mice, rats, birds, even lizards, were part of the hunting scene. The little black cat didn’t simply hunt these creatures, she had to bring each one into the house to first show Beatrice, and then she would devour it.

Recently, however, it was different. The little black cat brought in a baby bird. It had obviously fallen from its nest. It had no feathers. It was no more than a pile of soft pink with a big yellow beak.

Beatrice took the baby bird off the little black cat. The bird was still alive. The trouble Beatrice went to feed the little bird and keep it warm! Beatrice even knitted a little nest and filled it with straw. Then she went out to the garden in search of bugs.

Quickly, over just a few days, the little bird grew feathers. Then it would hop about.

“What a little character you are!” said Beatrice. She called it Diamond. It was a wren. “You’re like a sparkling diamond,” said Beatrice. Feeding it became an almost full-time task. After several weeks it began to fly around the house.

Then one day Beatrice decided it was time to let the little bird go free. She let it outside. Almost instantly it flew into the branches of a nearby tree and joined other birds.

But what’s this? Why! It’s the little black cat come to show Beatrice what she has caught.

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