905. Other boot to drop
© Bruce Goodman 2 April 2016

Boyd lay in bed. He couldn’t sleep. He really had to move out of this apartment and into another. The walls were paper thin, and every footstep of the person above would sound clunk! Clunk! Clunk! Tasman was the one who lived above. He worked in a factory. He always came home late at night.

And… Clunk! He would drop one boot. And clunk! He would drop the other… The noisy ritual drove Boyd nuts.

Boyd visited Tasman and told him stop dropping his boots. He wasn't getting any sleep with the boot-dropping commotion.

The following night Tasman dropped one boot and then remembered. Boyd lay in bed all night waiting for the other boot to drop. It didn’t.

And tonight…

Tonight, Tasman remembered. No boot went clunk! Boyd lay awake all night…


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