781. Mink coat
© Bruce Goodman 30 November 2015

In the days when wearing real fur wasn’t a particular environmental concern, Donald bought his third wife, Florina, a mink coat. It was gorgeous. It cost a packet.

“Thank you, Money-Donny-Darling,” said Florina. Donald liked to be called Money-Donny-Darling, especially in more intimate moments.

Thank you, Money-Donny-Darling! Thank you!

Florina insisted Donald come with her to parade the fur coat in the street.

“My goodness,” said Florina, “that woman over there is wearing something identical.”

Florina did not want to be seen in the same street as someone else wearing the same. She stepped into a shop alcove as the woman walked by.

“Money-Donny-Darling!” gasped the woman as she passed.

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