531. Crafty Cecilia
© Bruce Goodman 25 March 2015

Cecilia was brilliant at crafts. She spent months working on a secret project. It was an effigy of her husband, made of plaster of Paris, and knitting, and sewing, and embroidery, and so on. It was the spitting image of Norman.

The dummy was only from the waist up. But it could wave a hand if Cecilia pushed a button.

The real Norman was an invalid. Every Tuesday Cecilia would take him to the supermarket. He would sit in the car while Cecilia did the shopping. Then every second Thursday, Cecilia took Norman on a drive through the countryside.

The dummy was finished. Cecilia murdered her husband with a bullet through the head. She disposed of the body. Good riddance.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Norman continued to wave happily to the neighbours as Cecilia drove the car down their driveway.

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