659. On crossing the road
© Bruce Goodman 31 July 2015

Eunice had this exciting habit. Her life was boring and she had to supplement the monotony with an occasional bit of silliness.

When she went shopping, and had to cross the road on a zebra crossing, she liked to dawdle. She would count the number of vehicles that had to stop. The record was twenty-one. Twenty-one!

That number had stood for a while and was getting rather hum-drum; rather ho-hum. Eunice concocted another exciting plan. She would see what was the biggest vehicle she could stop.

Quick, Eunice! Run! Run! Get to the crossing! Here comes a whole fleet of trucks! They’re huge! A gigantic fleet of lorries! They’ll smash all records!

Run! Eunice! Run! They’ll smash…

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