455. Perfect park
© Bruce Goodman 8 January 2015

And what a beautiful park! So beautifully kept! This would be the landscape that God would provide in heaven!

There were great sprawling lawns, green and perfectly kept, but not so manicured as to seem unnatural. The only thing that marred it was the Keep off the Grass! sign. There were glades of beautiful trees, and fish ponds, and fountains. Ducks went upside down in the lakes. And look! Across the lawn in the far corner was a group of peafowl! See how the male spreads his spectacular tail! Again and again! Oh wondrous peacock!

It was the most perfect, perfect, beautiful, heavenly park in the world.

“You must go there!” Helen said one day to her friend, Megan. And so they went.

Look! Across the lawn in the far corner are a group of peafowl! See how the male spreads his tail! Again and a…

“They haven’t moved since last time,” said Helen. “Nor the ducks. Nor the fish.”

Meanwhile, back at the Park’s Staff Room, the caretaker had finished his morning coffee.

“Better go and replace those fallen leaves in the natural forest glade,” he thought. “The autumn leaves are looking a bit tatty.”

And indeed they were! Plastic looks tatty after a while.

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