454. The loveliest surprise
© Bruce Goodman 7 January 2015

Would you believe? I’ve just had the loveliest surprise. When we were born, all us calves were told we were destined to provide beef. At around 18 months, a butcher would come and take us away to be slaughtered. Then little packets of us would be put into people’s freezers. That was life. That was our calling, our destiny.

Sometimes, one of the girl calves would be selected for keeping. It was her job to continue to propagate the species. Norabella and Daisy were selected from amongst us. They were always very pretty. No one was surprised when they were whisked away into another field and told to get ready to make babies.

Yesterday, a big truck came and took away all my other sisters. The truck drove off. I know they were going to the slaughter-house. It was sad, of course, of course. But at the same time it was fulfilling, because, as I said, that is our calling. We’d lived and shared together for 18 months.

But, lo! I was left behind! Me! Personally! Alone in the field! Last night I dreamed of babies! Me! The loveliest surprise!

Who’s this, coming through the field towards me now? Why! It’s Farmer McGregor! He carries a gun.

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