667. Three sons
© Bruce Goodman 8 August 2015

Jacqueline and Carlton had three sons; Darcy, Caxton, and Pedro. The three sons were all grown up and married. Jacqueline and Carlton didn’t have a great deal of money. They did have money in fact, but they’d lent it out to their three sons. With young families, the sons needed to have a house to live in. Lending them money to buy a house each was Jacqueline and Carlton’s way of giving them a head start in life. Jacqueline and Carlton lived off the minimal amount of interest that their sons paid.

Then Carlton upped and died. His will “forgave” the debts owed by the sons. Jacqueline could no longer live on interest paid because there were no longer loans.

“That’s fine,” thought Jacqueline, “my sons will help me out I’m sure.”

Clearly, she’d never read Shakespeare’s King Lear.

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